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The Do Lab is an incubator specialising in disruptive innovation in content delivery, experience and ubiquitous interaction.

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We've created a range of new products and services in media experience, collaborative working and mobile services.

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Do Lab's founders have decades of experience in strategy, knowledge management, broadcast and internet services and mobile systems.

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Ideas are easy. Making them real takes effort. We have evolved an approach that helps us make this happen.

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Internet of Thing?

I’ve just installed a doorbell. “Well, whoop-de-do” I hear you mutter. But bear with me – there’s a sort of a point to this. It’s a Thing – a Skybell – and it’s connected to the Internet, ostensibly to do potentially useful stuff. Does that though automatically make it part of the buzz of the twenty-teens, […]

Failing the Future Part II: The What of the Why

Having had a good whinge about the issues with our interaction with content and the services that deliver it, I’ll now try turning the argument around to ask, “What else could our media experiences be like?“. Firstly, and given the dead ends the content industry has driven itself into, it’s worth reminding ourselves here of the blindingly obvious: […]

Failing the Future Part I: The Incoherence of Experience

I’ve just had a bit of a customer experience, and one which I suspect is desperately familiar, despite our world (if you’d believe the proclamations of manufactures and service providers) being one of instant gratification, of always-on content and of seamless service and device integration. Back in September, I hit the buy button on the […]